The Original Winger Five Year Anniversary Post #TOW5Years

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Jan 4, 2013

The Original Winger Five Year Anniversary Post #TOW5Years

TOW 5-Year Anniversary

The end of the calendar year is usually the time to be reflective, not so much right at the beginning of the year. But five years ago today, we posted for the first time on The Original Winger, and with that we were off. Just like with Bumpy Pitch, we didn’t really have any idea of what we were doing, where we were headed and what the journey was going to be like. But we had an idea and a vision.We wanted to create a soccer site that explored the culture as well as the performance aspect. A site that is an extension of who we were as players and the things that interest us. A desire to show how the culture on a greater level and connect it back to the sport.

We had never done something like this. And in fact, there weren’t really any soccer sites on the Internet doing what we set out to do. We got a lot of emails early on from folks asking what we were doing. Why we were posting certain things. Emails asking how a “soccer site” could post things such as sneakers or music. And if we did post those things, we should list them as Non Soccer Related (NSR). But to us, these things were soccer related in that they are a part of the lifestyle of soccer players. Find me a soccer player that doesn’t listen to music, wear fresh sneakers, watch movies, care about their gear, etc. It’s all a part of it.

Over these past five years we have been pretty fortunate. We have got to write and share things that we care about. We have been lucky to help build and cultivate the community that we care about. We’ve met some great people. We’ve been on some great trips and seen some amazing things. We’ve debunked the myth that ‘you’ve gotta be the quarterback to get the cheerleader / be the point guard to bang the homecoming queen’.We’ve been to some incredible games, built with some even more incredible people and have been able to be present in the dialogue of soccer.

These five years are just the beginning and we’re going to keep pushing. Keep staying in the front of the pack. If you have liked where we have been, you are going to love where we are going. Most importantly, we look forward to continuing to build this sport and this community with all of you.

Some highlights from the past five years after the jump. Make sure you hit page 5 for the TOW Friends and Fam “Shout outs!”…..

The Very First Post on TOW….. January 4, 2008!

“We’ve launched The Original Winger to celebrate those things in life that we love…soccer, music, clothing, culture and so on. We hope that you enjoy the site and that you get involved. This is our community, and we want to build it together. Enjoy!”

* And with that, we were off *

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