Soccer Around the World – A Photographic Journey

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Jan 31, 2013

Soccer Around the World – A Photographic Journey

“The picture was taken in Ciorescu, a small town near my summer language training site in Cricova which is about 20 minutes north of the capital Chisinau. After lessons one day I decided to go for a walk and get some food at the local convenient store. I saw a bunch of kids playing out on the turf field and decided to snap a picture. From then on out it became a regular occurrence after lessons.

Normally in the summer, kids mob that field all day. It is the only turf field in the area, really. Kids in my town, Cricova, and many
other places either use a blacktop court or grass fields. Hardly any goals come with nets. The turf field goals have nets. To Moldovans, soccer is life. With the exception of volleyball it is really the only game they play. The country is extremely poor so entertainment is hard to come by. All it takes is one ball to keep 15-20 people entertained. As a side note, wine, harvesting crops, growing animals, fishing, hard labor, and soccer are truly the main elements of Moldova from May-October.”

Patrick Miller

To submit your photos to be included in the Soccer Around The World series, email them to dunny [at] bumpypitch [dot] com.

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