Trailer :: Lionel Messi’s Profile on “60 Minutes Sports” Will Be a Must Watch

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Jan 7, 2013

Trailer :: Lionel Messi’s Profile on “60 Minutes Sports” Will Be a Must Watch

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Lionel Messi discusses his career with correspondent Bob Simon. Watch a preview before the series premiere of 60 Minutes Sports, Wednesday, January 9th at 10PM ET/PT on SHOWTIME.

Tune in / Set your DVR. This is another one… The 60 Minutes special on FC Barcelona was a must watch, and this profile on Lionel Messi looks to be no different.

One thing I said before seeing it, was that I was worried that the piece was going to be a lovefest for Lio (which would be well deserved by the way) but as we have seen before, there is so much more to FC Barcelona and the history and futbol academy, The Masia. Interestingly enough, at the end of the piece, there was a little tidbit about there Lionel actually letting the 60 minutes folks follow him around and do a profile on him. That gets the people excited and here is a preview. This is going to be great!

Check out the preview after the jump……

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“He is 25 years old, and quite simply, the best soccer player in the world.” He is Lionel Messi, the soccer phenomenon who recently broke the world record for the most goals scored in one year.

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