Video :: “Take One” – Swedish House Mafia Documentary | @swedishousemfia

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Jan 21, 2013

Video :: “Take One” – Swedish House Mafia Documentary | @swedishousemfia

So, I hadn’t done the club thing in a few months…. and to be honest I’m not really into the scene like I used to be, but this was a long weekend and long weekends mean you are supposed to find a way to get drunk and have a good time (at least for me it is). Some friends of mine had decided to roll down to San Diego and bottle up at a place called FLUXX. Juicy J was performing and around 7p I sent out a beacon to see what time they were walking into the club. My guy hit me back and said around 11p… I did the quick math and said fuggit. I hopped in my rig and headed down to San Diego. The trip to Diego from LA is about 2 hours give and take depending upon the traffic and luckily it was smooth sailing the whole way down. I dont really know where this post is going, but lets just say that it turned out to be a reeeeeeally good night. It started off with us taking vodka shots out of a glass skull at a buddies loft in the Gaslamp and ended up with the cabbie taking me, my buddy and three smokes through Albertos for three orders of carne asada fries, quesadillas, tacos and a whole bunch of other stuff that didnt get eaten.

Anyways, when I was in the club, I thought to myself, “Why the hell dont I do this more often?”

So, this is inside FLUXX. As the smoked bellowed down over me, I got to thinking about how much I LOVE that club feeling. If I could bottle it up and sell it I would. I’ve been to clubs in LA, Vegas, San Fran, Miami, San Diego, Mexico, Atlanta and a few other places that I’m not really remembering but there is nothing that really compares to it. It might be the second greatest feeling in the world.

Anyways, while I was feeling the vibe, this Swedish Mafia song at the top of this post played. Its the perfect club song. I never was a huge SHM fan – only when surrounded by 1000 other people and there is a girl in little clothing with sparklers bringing a magnum of vodka to the table. The way my mind works, and its probably a reason I halfway decent at this blogging thing is that once something is in my mind, I have to do an ISPS investigation and find out as much as I can about it. So, I looked up the crew and came across this documentary, Take One

The documentary is billed as a two year journey in the life of the band while they go on tour to a whole bunch of cities around the world. Its filled with concert footage, behind the scenes, recording sessions, etc. I wouldn’t say that this is a groundbreaking documentary by any stretch of the imagination but its a cool look at some tour life and what they are all about. You might dig it.

This is a couple of years old by the way… but given the fact that their current tour is the last tour they are doing together before taking an indefinite hiatus, this might motivate you to go check them out. They cats put on a helluva show and I can only imagine the talent at these shows is unbelievable. Can you imagine going to see these cats in Ibiza or San Paolo? Goodness gracious…

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