China’s Super League Jerseys by Nike

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Feb 22, 2013

China’s Super League Jerseys by Nike


For a very long time people have talked about the importance of soccer gaining mainstream popularity here in the US. And slowly but surely it continues to happen. But what about if and when soccer takes over in China? The world’s most popular sport has never been a major player in China, but what if all of that changes. Imagine if soccer blows up there? That would be massive. Maybe one day that will happen. In the meantime…

With an eye on helping to grow the sport in China, Nike presents the jerseys for the Chinese Super League.

Nike’s new uniforms for all 16 teams of the China Football Super League (CSL) feature designs that speak to each club’s heritage and traditions, and utilize Nike’s latest apparel innovations. In addition the kits for the 2013 season are made with recycled polyester spun from recycled plastic bottles, a sustainable innovation that Nike first introduced in 2010.

The recycled fabric features Nike Dri-FIT technology and incorporates laser-cut ventilation holes, both of which promote cooling to help regulate the players’ temperature. In addition to the performance-driven technical design, each kit carries subtle cues tied to the team’s heritage, values, pride and the tradition of their respective home cities.

Zhu Qilin, General Manager of CSL Co.,Ltd., stated: “The CSL has never ceased its drive to better players’ performance. To this end, performance-driven and environmentally-friendly team kits with the latest innovations are essential to ensuring our players perform their best. Nike, as the world’s No.1 sportswear company, has made a substantial contribution to the CSL with its design, solution and service for the athlete.”

There are some good looking jerseys in there. There are definitely a couple in that lineup that I would cop.

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