Trailer :: “Fast & Furious 6” – Extended First Look Version #Fast6

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Feb 5, 2013

Trailer :: “Fast & Furious 6” – Extended First Look Version #Fast6

* Do you think in the script it actually tells Vin how to hold his Coronas?

During the Super Bowl this weekend, we got out first look at Fast 6. To put it mildly, I could barely contain myself. I am an unabashed FF Franchise lover and in all honesty, if they make Toretto or Brian O’Connor the next Bond and do this 20+ times, I have no problem with it. Some people say that this is whats wrong with Hollywood, but I’m on the “This is what is right about Hollywood” camp. They don’t make 30 foot screens for nothing. They dont make speaker systems that pump out 20k watts for nothing. Here is the thing, I can enjoy The Kings SPeech just as well at home with a glass of wine as I can at the movie theatre – maybe more when you actually think about it, but there is absolutely no comparison of watching a flick like this on a massive screen and possibly blowing out an ear drum during the racing sequences.

These kinds of movies hit everything that is right about Hollywood to me. Formulaic. Hot women. Cars. Jacked up dudes who are peaking on deer antler spray / IGF-1 / Clenbuterol / Andro / whatever the hell else they can inject or swallow. Car chases. Car crashes. Flying throat punches. Really really cheesy lines delivered by cats that I believe are trying to act as badly (not badass, just bad) as they possibly can.

* Here’s a drinking game btw … go get a brew, and during the trailer, if you can guess the next line or figure out the next action sequence, take a swig. I PROMISE you, that you will be more than 3/4 done with your beer before the three minute clip is up.

Check out the trailer after the jump……

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