Watch the Brazilians Train Ahead of their England Fixture

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Feb 6, 2013

Watch the Brazilians Train Ahead of their England Fixture

The Samba Boys look to be enjoying the famous British weather as they prepare to take on England at Wembley on Wednesday evening in an international friendly. After England, Brazil will be back in London to play Russia at Stamford Bridge at the end of March, a game that has Roman Abramovich’s blessing and financial support.

* Interesting factoid from the Telegraph about that Brazil v. Russia match at Stamford Bridge :: Chelsea are understood to have agreed to pay a fee to have the game, which will see Scolari return to the Bridge and Fabio Capello return to England, played at Stamford Bridge but will retain the ticket revenue as part of the deal.

Check out the Brazilians training after the jump….

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