Kyla Gray for The Original Winger | @_KylaGray #BeautifulWomen

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Mar 15, 2013

Kyla Gray for The Original Winger | @_KylaGray #BeautifulWomen

kyla collage

This…. is Kyla Gray.

You may recognize her from a post or two earlier, but this one is different. Different how … you ask.

Well, ever since we first came in contact with this lovely lady out of New Jersey, the BP_TOW crew knew that she immediately had a fan in me. We threw a post up and got some great reaction… I put her as my selection in our “Best of 2012 : Beautiful Women” list, because if you know anything about me… she pretty much checks off all the boxes in what I consider a beautiful woman.

She happened to let me know that she was doing a photo-shoot recently and I got the bright idea of sending her some BPFC gear, a couple of props and some “thigh highs.” She had some pictures taken. She also took some pictures in boy shorts, a bikini and other things. She sent us these EXCLUSIVE PICS to post on the site. If you are still reading this, I think you are crazy.

* and-oh-by-the-way * There is video *

Hit the jump and get to know Kyla Gray and start your weekend off right…..

kyla gray TOW 1

kyla gray TOW 2

Photographer : Christopher Flanegan :

Make up : Gil Aldrin :

Hairstylilst : Steve Kong : official website

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