Quote Sheet From The USMNT Press Conference

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Mar 21, 2013

Quote Sheet From The USMNT Press Conference

Dempsey And Klinsmann

Jurgen Klinsmann and newly appointed USMNT captain Clint Dempsey spoke to the media a day ahead of their crucial qualifying match vs. Costa Rica. Coach and captain had some interesting things about the match, team selection, and fan support.

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What Jurgen thinks about the recent criticism, and controversial article:

Klinamsnn: “It really doesn’t bother me that much. I’m not here to make everybody happy. I’m here to challenge people.”

In terms of altitude and cold weather:

Dempsey: “We have 75-80% that play in Europe so in terms of dealing with the cold…something that we are used toThe thing we would need to…acclimate to would be the altitude but the national team’s done a good job of getting players in as soon as possible and getting training sessions in…to make sure at game time we will be ready

On the Costa Rica players:

Dempsey: “I think players are used to the warm weather and then trying to come here and deal with that…it may benefit us. Same aspect as it probably benefitted Honduras…when we played the game at their place….hopefully we can use it to our advantage.

Fan Support:

Dempsey: “And more importantly, the crowd to our advantage…and being able to push us on because that’s always something that’s helped us during qualifying and pushed us to get the job done”

Klinsmann “We are thrilled game sold out in one hour in Denver and how the people are behind us & look forward to enjoy the crowd”

About switching player’s around:

Klinsmann: “It’s normal that we have to move players out of their comfort zones…and use them to different methods because it will make them better at the end of the day

Clint as a captain saying anything to the team in regards to the controversial article:

“I haven’t addressed it with the team. The way I look at it, the most important thing, like Jurgen said, is the game and focusing on the match, making sure you get the points…put ourselves in good position in the table and getting confidence from a good result”

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