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Mar 21, 2013

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Yesterday, there were pictures of Emma Watson that had the internets all up in a mix, but I tend to like my ladies with some seasoning on them… and it doesnt help if they know a thing or two about soccer. We know Irina Shayk knows something about the game. Plus, she is really, really attractive. After the jump check out some pics that we found of Irina… I did a little digging and there this isn’t just some random photo-shoot. There is a cause behind it and a lot more beautiful people involved. I think I’m going to be buying this book!

Check out the trailer after the jump…..

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Renowned New York based photographer and activist James Houston announces his latest project, NATURAL BEAUTY, a stunning photographic book and event series featuring some of the world’s most prominent celebrities and top models. In collaboration with MILK Studio, the NATURAL BEAUTY project will raise awareness for the environment and sustainable living with proceeds from book sales and supporting initiatives benefitting Global Green USA.

The NATURAL BEAUTY book of portraits will be released in late spring of 2013 and will follow with an exhibition in New York City in April. The book includes 120 stunning images of some of the world’s leading models and celebrities advocating with Houston for environmental awareness, including Emma Watson, Christy Turlington, Adrian Grenier, Brooke Shields, Arizona Muse, Elle Macpherson and many more. Houston looks towards the beauty of nature as the inspiration for this body of work, incorporating natural elements into many of the images.

Launching simultaneously with World Earth Week 2013, there will be exhibitions, a web series and a book available for sale on, major online retailers like Amazon, and select stores in the U.S. for US$50.00 this spring. * You can pre-order Natural Beauty on Amazon for $31.50 right now. *

Click here to go and subscribe to the youtube page where you will get a a chance to check it all out when it launches on March 25th.

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