Video :: Luis Suarez Studs Up Tackle On Liverpool Ladies In 5v2

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Mar 22, 2013

Video :: Luis Suarez Studs Up Tackle On Liverpool Ladies In 5v2

Luis Suarez Tackle

~~ I’m not throwing this video up to toss Luis Suarez under the bus…. In fact, I think it shows exactly who he is a player.  This dude just can’t ‘turn it off’, even when playing 5v2 against the Liverpool Ladies.

See, there’s just something in certain players that when they cross that white line, their personalities COMPLETELY change and it becomes all about winning.  From the very moment the lace up their boots until they take them off at the end of training.  And this simple video (to me) isn’t about ‘El Pistolero’ flying in on a studs up challenge on one of the Liverpool Ladies, it’s about the simple example of Suarez refusing to lose.

Check out the Video :: Luis Suarez Tackle On Liverpool Ladies During 5v2 after the Jump……….

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