Watch @KSIOlajidebt at the North London derby for Tottenham v. Arsenal

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Mar 4, 2013

Watch @KSIOlajidebt at the North London derby for Tottenham v. Arsenal

KSIOlajidebt at white hart lane

via Football on YT

In search of the fiercest derby matches in the English Premier League, KSI plays spurs fans at FIFA 13, finds out why they hate Arsenal so much and what they would never do in loyalty to their club.

* This is awesome video. Nothing like going to a stadium and talking to some lubed up guys getting ready for a Derby!

When I first watched this video, I thought to myself, that lad hosting this looks pretty familiar but I can’t place him. But, then, I realized that he was the guy from the “Harlem Shake (Black Edition)” video we posted that was my first exposure to that whole phenomenon.

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It turns out that KSI is maaaaad popular. From his website:

KSI was a halo clan I used to be in (just can’t be arsed to change it back), Olajide is my name, and BT stands for British Telecom… yeah… random I know.

Dude has almost 450k followers on twitter, 300k+ followers on facebook, a mil and a half subscribers on youtube and over 370m video views!!!! Check this cat out, his videos are hilarious. Shouts out to Olajide.

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