Fulham FC win best #throwbackthursday pic with the Stevenage Rd Stand plans from 1904!

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Apr 11, 2013

Fulham FC win best #throwbackthursday pic with the Stevenage Rd Stand plans from 1904!

craven cottage grand stand 1904 1

It blows me away everyday how much more exposed we are to almost everything because of how the internet and social networking has opened up people and organizations to public viewing. One of the coolest trends, and one that has stuck worldwide, is #ThrowbackThursday… When it first started it just seemed like a way for girls to post pics of when they were really hot, or when they were partying in Ibiza, and dudes to show when they used to ball… its like breaking out the yearbook and letting everyone know how awesome you used to be. It’s hilarious actually, but as #TBT has evolved, and organizations have gotten into the game, we start to see stuff like this from Fulham.

Today they posted the approved plans / a cross section of the Stevenage Rd Stand architecture from back in 1904. I’m not even a Fulham supporter, but I’ve looked at this picture like 10 different times. Cool stuff.

Hit the jump and click on the pic to get a Hi-res look…..

craven cottage grand stand 1904

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