New Video :: “5AM In Toronto” by Drake

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Apr 1, 2013

New Video :: “5AM In Toronto” by Drake

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This record was dropped randomly by Drake a couple of weeks ago as the continuation of his “__ am in ___” series, and it set the internet on fire… Now we have some visuals and I’m sure it will do the same. My favorite part about this is that it looks like they shot the video like two days ago given that the entire crew is wearing the same thing that they were wearing when they surprised producer extraordinaire 40 for his birthday….

* That shit has got to be the life right? Just keep making hits. Kickin it with the team.. Girls all over the place.. Seemingly being able to do whatever the hell you want, whenever the hell you want… I like how Drake stays loyal to his team and surrounds himself with the cats that help him get all the shine. Whatever he has, they have. Whatever he does, they do. Whatever he gets, they get. Because really, without all those cats, he’s not Drake, he still Jimmy. and it seems like he knows that. There is a lesson in that. Salute.

Check out the video after the jump…..

5 am in toronto 2

Drake surprises 40 on his birthday.

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