Theatrical Trailer :: “Man of Steel”

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Apr 18, 2013

Theatrical Trailer :: “Man of Steel”

man of steel trailer

We all know the premise: Clark Kent is a journalist who was adopted as a child by Jonathan and Martha Kent after he was transported to Earth from the dying planet of Krypton. Raised with the values of his adoptive parents….. struggles to find his own place…… When earth is attacked he becomes the hero named Superman to protect the planet and its people…..

The only question was whether the producers and directors would get it right this time around and make it something special that is a NEED TO SEE situation… Well, after watching the theatrical trailer that was released last night, I can say that its definitely a need to see situation…

Check out the trailer after the jump……

A young journalist is forced to confront his secret extraterrestrial heritage when Earth is invaded by members of his race.

Shouts out to OG Winger RP who sent us the link to the new trailer… (I had a post working after I saw the trailer last night, but your email got me to drop it this morning!)

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