Video :: Why Is Sir Alex Ferguson Such A Great Manager

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Apr 17, 2013

Video :: Why Is Sir Alex Ferguson Such A Great Manager


Let me start off by saying this – Chevrolet FC is putting out some great content recently. They have been doing the One World Futbol stuff and filming videos around Manchester United. They have a new (or fairly new) sponsorship deal in place with United so it’s not a huge surprise that they are producing content. But the content they are doing is pretty rad. And something I personally hadn’t seen with United’s previous sponsors.

Anyhoo… I stumble upon this video focusing in on Sir Alex Ferguson and what makes him such a special manager. I was hoping to see a video that was a little longer, buuuut, there is one thing about this that stands out. And that is the consistent message of his desire to win. Wayne Rooney and Ashley Young mention it repeatedly and there is no denying that this is in fact something special about him. Love him or hate him, there is no denying that SAF loves the game, loves United and that he has a fierce and deep desire to win.

Check out Wayne Rooney, Ashley Young and Danny Welback speak about the legendary manager after the break.

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