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May 30, 2013

BX Brussels


A couple of months ago Vincent Kompany announced that he was buying a football club in Belgium. This club happened to be in last place in the Belgian third division and things were not looking good for them. The club were called FC Bleid and at the time he purchased them, they had two wins and 19 defeats from their 25 games in the season with a goal differential of -44. The club may have been overlooked by many, but not Vincent Kompany.

Kompany saw an opportunity here. Not only to rebuild the club from scratch, but a chance to help kids from his home city on the social side as well. A chance to give back to the sport, to they city that raised him and to the future generations of kids from Brussels.

To get things going, and to show that this was going to be something that was being built from scratch, the club launched a site called We Start From Scratch. In an open letter on the site, Kompany writes:

“I am putting my weight behind FC Bleid. It is my sports’ and social commitment towards the youngsters of Brussels. Since I’ve been asked a lot of questions about it recently and a lot has been written about it, I consider it time for a bit of clarification:

The youth of Brussels, in all its municipalities, is a truly multi coloured mix and I strongly believe in its qualities and potential that are at present written off much too quickly. I grew up in Brussels. I’m one of them and I know that with the effort in the right place they’re capable of anything… if they’re given the chance.

The choice of Brussels is obvious, and the choice to begin with football too: my family are old pros in that sense, and we’ve been given opportunities and taken them. We know what we’re talking about.

To maximise opportunities we want to put a lot of effort into the staffing so that youngsters not only learn the right way to play a sport but are also supported in the social aspect of their (often complex) lives. This project has to be more than a club where its members simply kick a ball around.”

Since this letter was written on March 27th the club has been busy. They have hired a sporting director, a CEO and with the help of fans, picked the club’s colors, the new name and a crest. Besides this being a vehicle for doing great things in the community, I love that the club has reached out to fans in the branding and rebuilding of this club. That really does give BX Brussels the feeling of community which seems to be very important in this project.

There is not a tremendous amount of info up on their site yet, but they do seem to be making a concerted effort to keep their fans up to date on what is happening with the club. And I’m stoked to see where the club goes and how they build. I never imagined supporting a third division club from Belgium, but count me in as an early adopter of BX Brussels.

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