“FIFA Soccer 10” ranked #14 in ESPN’s Top 25 Sports video games rankings … agree?

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May 10, 2013

“FIFA Soccer 10” ranked #14 in ESPN’s Top 25 Sports video games rankings … agree?

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The defining game in the best-selling “FIFA” franchise, “10” introduced a new engine with unmatched artificial intelligence and animations along with innovative new modes like Online Team Play and Ultimate Team that continue to influence every sports game released since. Year Released: 2009 on Systems: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Jon Robinson of ESPN Playbook took on the incredible task of counting down the “Top 25 Sports Video Games ever created” for the worldwide leader. This is obviously a list after our own hearts because as much as we love footy, we have definitely spent a lot of time with controllers in hand at the BP_TOW frathouse playing games on games on games, and not always FIFA or PES. Its an entertaining list and we encourage you to hit the link up above, but I will spoiler alert you and let you know that FIFA 10 was the only fucking highest ranking soccer game and it fell on the list at no. 14 ahead of RBI Baseball and behind NFL Blitz. To be fair, there were have been a ton of other sports games made, but there should be at least one other soccer game on this top 25…. just my opinion tho. Anyways, what do you think about the number 14 ranking?

Do you think that FIFA 10 should be ranked higher than 14?

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