Video :: Lionel Messi and his “Defining Moment” via @AudemarsPiguet

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May 23, 2013

Video :: Lionel Messi and his “Defining Moment” via @AudemarsPiguet

leo messi ap video

Four-time world player of the year award Leo Messi remembers his Defining Moment when he inherited the prestigious number 10 jersey while playing for Barcelona.

leo messi ap watch

I didn’t even know that Leo had a watch deal…. and this is not only “a” watch deal, its THE watch deal.

AP timepieces are no joke. and his “time piece of choice” is the ROYAL OAK CHRONOGRAPH LE, of which only 400 have been made. The video is worth a watch and more info on the Royal Oak after the jump…..

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Nice timepiece by the way…..

leo messi ap watch 2

More on the watch here at

* Just in case you wanted to buy, just know that an AP watch is going to run you anywhere from $15,000 up through $150,000…..

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