Video :: Post FA Cup Interview with Roberto Martinez

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May 11, 2013

Video :: Post FA Cup Interview with Roberto Martinez


I like Roberto Martinez. He seems like a damn good dude and he is clearly one helluva manager. We’ve seen interviews of him here and there and then we got a chance to see more of him when he was an analyst during the World Cup in 2010. And today he and his Wigan team pulled off one giant upset in the FA Cup Final. In this video Martinez talks about the game, and how the FA Cup provides opportunities like this to clubs like Wigan. The underdog won today.

Martinez and Wigan have some work left to do though. With two games left they have a serious battle to stay in the Premier League. And then there are the rumors that Martinez will leave Wigan after this season and quite possibly take over at Everton. And if he can keep Wigan up on the back of winning the FA Cup, I can’t imagine a much better way to bow out at Wigan. That would be a pretty remarkable story for a guy that seems like a guy who deserves that. I’ve never said this before, but I’ll be rooting for Wigan the rest of this season.

Check out Roberto Martinez talk about the FA Cup victory after the jump.

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