ESPN’s The Life : Landon Donovan – TOW #FlashbackFriday

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Jun 7, 2013

ESPN’s The Life : Landon Donovan – TOW #FlashbackFriday

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Originally aired May 31, 2002 – ESPN follows around budding US Soccer superstar Landon Donovan (then of the old San Jose Earthquakes) before the US National Team departed for the 2002 World Cup.

* Do you remember THIS Landon Donovan? If not, you are going to love this flashback video…. I was doing some research for a post that is coming up and happened to notice this on the youtube machine. Its kind of relatable since the boys are playing a WCQ today. Hit the other side of this thing and take a look back, its amazing to see how far Landon has come since, how far the MLS has come, how far US Soccer and Soccer in America has come in the last 10 or so years.

Check out the video after the jump……

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* Random side note *

Above is the original theme song for the show. A great show. Go to the internets and find the old “ESPN – The Life” episodes if you haven’t seen any before. the concept was simple, they just picked athletes and followed them around for a couple of days in their daily life.

Beans and I always talk about how much we loved this program and would love to see something like this come back…Hmmmmm…

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