Fans Send England Players Inspiring Messages

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Jun 4, 2013

Fans Send England Players Inspiring Messages


With Nike recently taking over the responsibility of outfitting the England national Team, you knew it was just a matter of time until they did something clever that has not been seen before. And it hasn’t taken them long to do just that.

Not only did Nike come up with a unique idea surrounding the England team, they engaged fans to get involved as well. Nike got England fans to tweet inspirational messages about the pride which comes from playing for England. Nike then got those messages from the fans displayed in places that the fans could have never imagined they would show up. E

Example A: in the free kick wall on the training ground.

And these messages popped up in all kinds of places. In the locker room, on the training pitch, on shoelaces, water bottles, pool tables, etc. It had to be pretty cool for the players to not only read these messages from the fans, but to do so in such a clever and unique way. And it had to be amazing for the fans to see that their messages were ending up in places that very few people have ever had access to.


Plenty more photos and messages after the break.




This one might not be a message from a fan, but it’s a pretty cool note to get before putting on the national team jersey.





England v Republic of Ireland - International Friendly

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