Jogabo Gives Your Local Games a New Meaning

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Jun 6, 2013

Jogabo Gives Your Local Games a New Meaning

First off, HUGE thanks to The Original Winger and Bumpy Pitch team for welcoming me! I’m excited to be a part of a team that embraces the soccer lifestyle through and through and does so much to grow the game. Going with that theme, I’m excited to share my first post with you all about  a company taking local soccer to a new level.

When I first came across Jogabo’s Twitter profile, I was fascinated by their concept of bringing soccer players and fans together through local games, rather than around professional leagues. As a platform designed to keep you playing, it’s as simple as creating a profile and, boom, Jogabo gives your local games a whole new meaning.


Jeremy Melul and his co-founder, Mehdi, met in 2010 in London. Jeremy was on his way back from an incredible World Cup experience in South Africa where he volunteered with Grassroots Soccer, an NGO that uses the power of soccer in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Mehdi and Jeremy then met their 3rd co-founder Pierre-Guillaume and started Jogabo. Currently based out of San Francisco, the Jogabo team spends their time playing soccer, watching soccer, volunteering with local soccer NGOs and helping other soccer organizations make noise about soccer in the USA.

More on Jogabo after the Jump……..


Together they came up with the idea to make a mobile app that lets you track all your soccer activity, record your stats so you can analyze and quantify your performance, compare and compete with friends and local players. Whatever game you’re playing in, Jogabo makes it easy to organize, share and discover games in your city or anywhere around the world, which makes it perfect for travel or relocating, too.



Beyond their app, Jogabo’s mission is to inspire and empower the world to play more soccer, and make the game more beautiful and more social, the way it’s meant to be. Through making soccer a social experience, providing motivation and a community dedicated to the game to encourage you to never stop playing, by bringing so many new people together around the game, I’d say their noise is getting loud and is going to continue to be heard. Check them out at and on Twitter @Jogabo.


By contributor Sayra Moran

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