Watch ‘Reading FC: Behind the Scenes’ – #BuildEvolveSucceed documentary

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Jun 30, 2013

Watch ‘Reading FC: Behind the Scenes’ – #BuildEvolveSucceed documentary

reading fc documentary

Exclusive documentary on Reading Football Club as they prepare for the future. We get to go behind the scenes, see exclusive interviews and a close look at life at Madejski Stadium. Its super interesting to me because we always see a lot of content from all of the top flight premier league clubs and those are the ones that usually hold our interest the most because they have all of the top players that we really know about, but this is a great look at a >em>yo-yo team that has to deal with a lot of things that top level clubs dont have to.

The documentary starts at an interesting time for Reading, a point at which they are staring relegation in the face and its pretty much becoming a reality, they sacked their manager, name a new one… we get to hear the owners perspective on the firing and a few interviews with players right afterwards. We see them go to Old Trafford to play, a game against Arsenal, Liverpool, Aston Villa. Yo ualso see the perspective of the radio crew and get to see the players outside of the stadium. We get the answer to the question we all wonder if the players watch things like Sportscenter and Sky Sports and pay attention to what is going on with other teams and players.

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The one thing that hit the hardest to me was when they got a chance to speak with one of the veterans on the team and he was talking pretty deeply about decisions that didnt go their way during the season and how deeply those things can affect not only the team, but something like relegation has an effect on the teams staffers and that there are real jobs and real people who could be out of work because of a missed call. Super interesting stuff, and its some of the things we never think about with a missed call… sometimes we get so wrapped up in the scoreline and the result that we forget about the people involved that ARENT on the touchline. Really, really good doc. If you have an hour or so, I suggest it highly.

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Lead Producer: Mervyn Leslie
Assistant Producer: Ross Jeavons
Consultant Producer: Nick Geltner
Assistant Editor: Mark Bradley
Camera: Lloyd Cook, Matthew Jones, Bilal Salli, Matt Dodd

Concept: Craig Mortimer-Zhika

Music: Autoheart; Shoals, Thomas Marek

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