CHANGING THE GAME – the Soccer Documentary :: Kickstarter

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Aug 6, 2013

CHANGING THE GAME – the Soccer Documentary :: Kickstarter

Changing The Game

~~ We told you about ‘Changing The Game’ the other day, but we had to bring it to your attention once again now that it’s launched live on Kickstarter.  Head over, check it out and if you can financially, help out.  And we here at The Original Winger & Bumpy Pitch have added to the campaign with some BP swag.

Three sets of teens from three corners of the globe – AIDS-ravaged South Africa, war-torn Israel and Palestine, and inner-city Philadelphia – share one thing in common: the fight to survive. Separated by language, culture, and thousands of miles, they are also bound by a universally human drive: the desire to win.

From Sundance award-winning director Shilpi Gupta and the producer behind the Academy Award-winning HOTEL RWANDA, CHANGING THE GAME follows these teens as they journey from their poor and violent communities to compete at the first-ever street soccer competition run by the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Combining vérité footage, personal video journals, and a cutting-edge musical score featuring local hip hop artists, the film captures a riveting story of journey and competition, showing the power of soccer to help teens redefine who they are and challenge the world they live in.

Check out the Trailer :: Changing The Game after the Jump……

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