Cheryl Cole gets an “English Roses” Tattoo on her back and bum

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Aug 26, 2013

Cheryl Cole gets an “English Roses” Tattoo on her back and bum

cheryl cole ass tat

So the internet is on fire since it has been reported that this photo is of the beautiful Cheryl Cole getting tatted up. We dont have official confirmation from anyone I dont think, but here are some pics that make the internets thing that is it. The picture above is on the tattoo artists instagram…. below is a pic of Cheryl and said tattoo artist…. and then the last two pic are on Cheryl Cole’s instagram account.

Sooooo, yeah….

Apparently the dude has a shop in Hesperia, CA…w ait, wahaaaa. Cheryl Cole was in Hesperia?!!???

Also, we have confirmation that it IS Cheryl Cole. Numerous reports are saying that she was on twitter (@CherylCole) yesterday defending the tattoo. All of those posts have been taken down, but she is retweeting some of the love she has been getting.

* Second apparently alert * Apparently, she has had the tat for about 7 or 8 months, but she didnt have it filled in, but now its finished…

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