Watch :: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Free Kick Goal Against Chelsea – GUINNESS ICC FINAL

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Aug 7, 2013

Watch :: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Free Kick Goal Against Chelsea – GUINNESS ICC FINAL

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Cristiano scores an absolutely special free kick against Chelsea to put Real up 2 – 1 over Chelsea in Miami this evening…. He was fouled just before the untied the score and you just felt that he had something special in mind. As soon as he hit it, he knew, a few moments later, the entire stadium knew.

Then he turned around and gave Jose a nice little glare… think those words yesterday added a little bit more fuel to his fire?

cristiano ronaldo chelsea fk

* Random side note *

As you know, I never played the game, but I have gotten more and more familiar with it over the last 5 years or so… one of the things that has always fascinated me, is the difference is what some people do with corners and free kicks and how there are guys who are decent at it, guys who are good at it, and guys who are GREAT at it. I started noticing little nuances about delivery and follow-through and things like that, and I’m starting to see all the minutiae in what Cristiano does and what makes him great at it….

Love the follow through that he has and how he keeps his foot like this through the entire shot:

ronaldo free kick follow through

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