Alessandro Della Valle scores WCQ Goal for San Marino … players go crazy!

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Sep 10, 2013

Alessandro Della Valle scores WCQ Goal for San Marino … players go crazy!

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Alessandro Della Valle (San Marino) scores on header from the center of the box to the bottom right corner assisted by Matteo Vitaioli with a cross. This video can also be called, “Alessandro Della Valle never has to buy another drink in his life” because this is only San Marino’s second goal in a World Cup Qualification.

When you compare SM to other sides, like a Poland, the republic’s tiny population, the smallest of any UEFA country at about 32,000 obviously is going to hinder their able to field a team that can compete with the UEFA powerhouses. They haven’t had a whole bunch of success, especially against Poland.

In the qualification tournament for the 2010 World Cup, they lost all ten of their matches, including 10 in a defeat to Poland, which became Poland’s highest scoring victory of all time!

This one must’ve felt good, and you can see it on the players faces.

san marino first goal wcq

If you want to read up more on San Marino, check out this story, its awesome!

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