David Beckham x Breitling for Bentley

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Sep 6, 2013

David Beckham x Breitling for Bentley

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Here is some behind the scenes footage from a David Beckham x Breitling for Bentley campaign. Those are some pretty serious names right there. Beckham + Breitling + Bentley. That’s legit status. Becks has long been a favorite of some of the bigger brands out there and he has been involved with mad advertising campaigns. Typically, he picks and chooses his brands pretty wisely. Breitling and Bentley are two stellar choices. As a point of reference, Tiger woods was a long time spokesperson for Buick. That one always tripped me out. TW could have chosen any car brand in the world. And he went with Buick? Who the eff drives a Buick anyway? I digress..

Anyway, clearly David Beckham is keeping himself very busy in his retirement. And we still have yet to hear what his plan is for getting his own MLS team. Keep on keepin’ on Becks.

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