Video :: Eddie Johnson’s “PAY ME” Goal Celebration is everything right now….

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Sep 1, 2013

Video :: Eddie Johnson’s “PAY ME” Goal Celebration is everything right now….

eddie johnson pay me

Last night in the Seattle Sounders 1 – nil win over the Columbus Crew, Eddie Johnson scored the only goal of the match and had an interesting celebration as he was mobbed by teammates. He is seen rubbing his fingers together and miming the words “pay me” a few times, in the direction of the suites at Columbus Crew Stadium.

It is no secret that he can be considered underpaid for what he is doing on the pitch, the team success with him around, and the kind of money that owners are making it rain on top players today. The Demolition Man has been playing out of his mind lately and he does not seem like he will be letting up any time soon. I’m not one to count anyone else’s money, but if you want to know where he is at salary-wise, check out the Seattle Sounders salary list on Spotrac

Here is the celebration.

Personally, I love shit like this, but then again, I don’t write the checks and its easy for me to give away other people’s money! Is this the right way to go about it? I dont know the answer to that, and we dont really know what is going on behind the scenes with all this.

Quick tangent: As you know, I am a long time basketball fan, in particular the Los Angeles Lakers, and I can recall a very similar thing that happened when Shaw was up for a pay increase back in 2003. I’ll save you all the details, but there was a particular game where the Lakers were rolling and Shaq caught an alley-oop and damn near ripped the rim off the backboard and could be seen mouthing the exact same words, “PAY ME” up toward the seats where Dr. Jerry Buss was known to sit.

Shaq didn’t finish his career playing for the Lakers.

EJ has let it be known how happy he is in Seattle, but he has also let it be known that he is trying to maximize his bread. We can never be mad at an athlete or entertainer saying these things, because if it was us, at our job, it would be hard for us to perform what we do if we felt that we were not being appreciated like we think we should be. The thing about sports and business is that appreciation is measured in a few ways, most notably by what is transferred into the bank account on payday.

Athletes are measured against each other in a lot of ways, and as bad as it might be to think about it this way, but salary, on a lot of levels is a statistic too.

The hard part comes in when you look at the situation the Sounders are in right now having already filled the alloted 3 DP spots on their roster. I’ll be honest and say that I dont know the salary implications in MLS like I should, but even if they wanted to make it rain on EJ, could they?

We know they have the money, but can they use it within the rules?

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