De Nada

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Oct 16, 2013

De Nada

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Last night was one of the craziest ends to a Hexagonal that I can remember. The US playing Panama and Mexico taking on Costa Rica at the same time.  The US and Mexico both down 2-1 with just a couple minutes in stoppage time remaining. Mexico literally on the verge of not even qualifying for the World Cup. And then the US comes through, scores two goals to win the game and in the process throws Mexico a World Cup lifeline. You’re welcome.

And this video right here is everything. This is one of the great calls in the history of sports. You can’t fake that kind of passion and sincerity.

And now we officially present the “de nada” t-shirt from Bumpy Pitch. We posted this on our social media last night and the reaction was pretty amazing. So it has gone into production today. It will take a week or so to get made (depending on our production schedule) but you can order it now in the Bumpy Pitch online store. We’ll ship them out just as soon as they get in.


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