Yohan Cabaye On Joe Kinnear’s Role In Fail Arsenal Move – ‘If He Is Honest, He Will Tell It’

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Oct 8, 2013

Yohan Cabaye On Joe Kinnear’s Role In Fail Arsenal Move – ‘If He Is Honest, He Will Tell It’


~~ Whoa.  How telling are these quotes from Yohan Cabaye….. Listen, we all get it.  Every single player (if they are honest) plays for the opportunity to play at the highest level and when they do get to the highest level, it’s about joining the Champions League teams in their respective leagues.  That’s what Yohan Cabaye wanted, but he deserves plenty of respect for how he’s handled the situation.

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Yohan Cabaye claims that Newcastle’s director of football Joe Kinnear is the only person who can explain what happened about his proposed move to Arsenal.

The French international refused to play at the start of the season, after Arsenal made a bid on the eve of the new season.

Newcastle rebuffed the bid and Cabaye later apologised to the fans over the situation.

Cabaye, now back in the France squad, was asked about his failed Arsenal move by the media in his homeland during a press conference for the national side.

He said: “Was my failed transfer to Arsenal difficult to swallow? At first, yes.

“But you have to quickly get focused again, because if you go on thinking about it you have a grudge against a lot of people and that is useless. I quickly forget about it and go back to work.”

Yohan Cabaye On Joe Kinnear’s Role In Failed Arsenal Move…….

Cabaye insists that he does not hold anything against some Newcastle fans who booed him upon his return.

“The fans’ state of mind was due to what the club wanted to let them know,” he said.

“As I didn’t talk and I won’t give any explanation about what happened, they chose their side. That is part of a career, but I bear no grudge against no one. I accept it, it is in the past.”

Cabaye admitted that only Kinnear could reveal the truth behind the situation.

He said: “The only person who can explain what happened is Joe Kinnear. If he is honest, he will tell it. Otherwise it will not get out of my mouth.”

Cabaye admits he is delighted to be back in the French squad.

He added: “I missed the French team, but my situation made me not callable for some time.

“Now that I am back the objective is to stay as long as possible, with the hope of going to play next at World Cup in June.”


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