This :: BEYONCE in a Brazil Kit is Picture Almost Perfection*

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Nov 30, 2013

This :: BEYONCE in a Brazil Kit is Picture Almost Perfection*

beyonce brazil jersey

The current number 9 shirt for BRAZIL is FRED…. this shirt looks better on BEYONCE.

I wrote in the headline that this picture is almost perfection, because for me, it would have been perfect if she was wearing the Team USA kit or a Chelsea kit, but thats just how I think. Still a good look though.

* Random side note * Have you ever noticed that no matter how hot the female is, she is always about 13% hotter when she is wearing a team jersey… she’s like 30% hotter when she wears some BPFC gear by the way….

BPFC Black Friday sale is still going, you know, if you are interested in making your girl 30% hotter. Sale is 30% off today… see what I did there?

Bumpy Pitch “BLACK FRIDAY” sale…. 30% off on Saturday : Go Here.

beyonce brazil heart

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