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Juan Pablo Galavis Guinand is an US-born former professional football midfielder / forward, who retired in 2008, having last played for Miami FC. In 2013, he was chosen as the first minority star of the ABC-TV reality show The Bachelor after 17 previous editions.

Don’t ask me how I know anything about the bachelor…. but in my defense, there isn’t ANYTHING wrong with watching 27 super hot and super thirsty wanna-be-famous chicks compete over a dude that if they win, they are going to break up with in probably less than a year.

If you can’t appreciate the last 5 minutes of every episode, you don’t know what livin’ is. And seriously… its like these chicks fall madly in love and these guys are the love of their life after about 20 minutes. Its reee-dic-u-lous! Plus, I think there HAS TO be some crazy reindeer games going on in that house. I mean, c’mon…

Here is Juan Pablo:

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