Jurgen Klinsmann Can Fly A Helicopter?

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Jan 9, 2014

Jurgen Klinsmann Can Fly A Helicopter?

#ComingSoon on! #USMNT Head Coach Jurgen Klinsmann takes to the skies over Los Angeles! – US Soccer

When I wrote that headline, I forgot that Jurgen got his pilots license last year to fly helicopters because he was tired of sitting in LA traffic on his drive to and from training from the Orange County. If you aren’t from here, you can imagine it. Its horrible. Its the worst.

The Orange County is some of the most beautiful area that we have in So Cal (well, if you are living where he lives) and this isn’t the first instance of a pretty big celeb (who’s about the soccer life) who lives down there, and works in the city, that has taken this route. A few of you may that Kobe Bryant has been doing this for years. He takes a helicopter from his crib in Newpost Coast to the Lakers practice facility and games every day.

Check out this video from a few years back:

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* Hopefully I’m not shorting on some cool piece of content that they are going to put out soon… I think this will only drum up a little bit of excitement for the videos. I know I’m excited to see Jurgen drive a helicopter!

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