LeBron James’ Twitter Q&A :: Loves LFC + Wants Kids to Play Soccer

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Jan 11, 2014

LeBron James’ Twitter Q&A :: Loves LFC + Wants Kids to Play Soccer

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Early this morning, LeBron James returned home after a two-game road trip against the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets, and just like a lot of us, he had some trouble falling asleep. Instead of just watching some tele, just like a lot of us when we can’t sleep, he ended up having a Q&A with whomever of his 11m+ twitter followers were awake.

Head over to LeBron’s twitter @KINGJAMES for the entire 15m session and check out some of his responses, but we have the few answers that came out of nowhere and surprised us a little bit. *

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* Just a little bit though, we know that he is a Liverpool part owner / supporter. Him saying that he wants his children to play soccer is a interesting thing to me… You know my feelings on how this current generation of big three sports stars and their love for soccer and how that is going to influence an influx of soooo many talented young Americans playing the game over the next 20 years. I love it!

LeBron James Q&A spotted at big brother []

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