MLS’ Don Garber on Growth and Competition with

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Jan 11, 2014

MLS’ Don Garber on Growth and Competition with

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As soccer’s popularity continues to grow stateside, MLS has added nine new clubs since 2007 (two of which, the most recent additions, will begin play in 2015). Meanwhile, the league’s average attendances now rival those of the National Hockey League and National Basketball Association, and TV ratings (though they dipped in 2013) have significantly grown from a decade ago.

“We’re not going after the baseball fan or the American football fan,” Garber says. “We know there’s a (generational) head start that the more established leagues have in this country, and we believe there is a separate and distinct soccer market that we can focus on building and growing a long-term commitment with so that ultimately, x number of years from now, our fan base will be much larger than it is today.”

Really interesting story dropped a couple of days ago on, and if you have a little time today, you should check out the full text. Staff writer ADAM VACCARO got a chance to catch up with THE SOCCER DON and discuss some of the factors in the growth of the league to this point and what MLS is trying to do going forward.

He talks about what are some of the metrics that MLS uses to gauge growth, “knowing the competition” and the main factors in spreading the word and expanding from just passionate core fans into a broader more casual sports fan of the game.

Check it out, An Unlikely Case Study in Fast Growth: Major League Soccer via

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