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Feb 17, 2014

Embroidery Pro


You know what I always wanted when I was playing? I wanted my name and number embroidered on my boots. All the big players had their boots customized with this, and I wanted it too. Unfortunately for me, that never happened. Custom, embroidered boots was reserved for the best of the best. But now, things are changing.

Our very good friend Jesse Bignami recognized that it was very difficult to customize boots through embroidery and he did something about it. He bought himself a machine and got to learning the art of embroidering. And with that, Embroidery Pro was born.

I love this for a number of reasons. I love when people see something missing and go about doing something about that. In this case, nobody in the US was doing embroidery for boots. There was a void in the market. Jesse did something about that. We also love seeing our friends doing great things. We get just as excited seeing them doing amazing things and succeeding as we do with anything that we do. Jesse is an awesome dude who deserves all the success in the world. And I also love this because now I too can have my name on my boots. Finally! It took some time, but my patience will be rewarded shortly.

Jesse – you can expect my order shortly!

If you have some boots and something you want embroidered on them, hit up Embroidery Pro. Have somebody you want to give a thoughtful gift to? Surprise them with some custom boots. That would make for an awesome gift and surprise. I’ll take mine with beans on the side. Just in case anybody wanted to send over some custom boots…

Support good people. Support the sport.

Congrats Jesse!

To see photos of amazing embroidered boots, follow Embroidery Pro on Instagram. For updates you can follow on Twitter as well.




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