Fake Passport Guy from Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane, “Looks Like Mario Balotelli” … wait, whaaa?

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Mar 10, 2014

Fake Passport Guy from Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane, “Looks Like Mario Balotelli” … wait, whaaa?

Mario Balotelli of Manchester City celebrates scoring the opening goal of the game with his team-mates and a personal message on his shirtimage

As you probably can figure out, I’m a pretty big fan of Mario Balotelli. I like the kid. He’s been through a ton in his lifetime and he has come out on top. He’s one of the most talented and I would almost go as far as to say gifted footballers we have ever seen. So, I stick up for him.

But, there is another side to him, and we have all seen it. He throws fits. He pouts. He gets in to ish that he should never get in to. And realistically, we don’t really know his life, we don’t know what kind of stuff he has to deal with beyond what we read online.

So, sometimes I wonder why. Some times when he lets out some of his frustrations, we see it as a kid acting out and just making excuses when he should be somewhat grateful that he is in the position he is in. They make millions of dollars to play a game, and if there is a little bit of flack and backlash that comes along with it, we think, “so what, get over it dude. You should be able to deal with it.” or… “These guys complain too much, blah blah blah. If that was me…” but then there is this kind of stuff.

Speaking to a gathered crowd of reporters today, Malaysia’s Civil Aviation Chief Azaharuddin Abdul Rahman, talking about the two stolen passports that were used to board the plane that no one can find right now, said officials had reviewed surveillance tape of the plane’s boarding “from check-in right to departure.”

When they reviewed this tape, one of the guys, looked like Swag:

“Do you know a footballer by the name of Bartoli? Do you know what he looks like?” said Rahman.

Reporters corrected him asking, “Mario Balotelli?” and asked whether the man with the stolen passport was black. Balotelli, who is black, is an Italian soccer player.

“Yes,” Rahman replied and then refused to further describe the two men.

* What. The. F***!! Why on earth would Mario Balotelli’s name have to come up in this presser? This is the kind of stuff that stresses dudes out that we never think about and cant comprehend. There may be some sort of language issue. Its obviously a situation where the Malaysian cat probably hasn’t slept in days and is under a ridiculous amount of pressure right now, so I get it, he’s not thinking straight….

BUT…. if I’m Balotelli this is definitely a “Why always me?” situation. Please keep my name out of your mouth bro.

** Thoughts and prayers to everyone affected in this tragedy. As you guys know, we do a ton of flying around and traveling to different places and this is one of the scariest things that could ever happen. We take flying for granted, all the time, and tend not to think about how fragile the entire idea of flying is. This, personally, is one of my greatest fears, and I can only imagine the stress and pain that everyone is feeling out there.


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