Watch :: Indiana Student WHEEL OF FORTUNE FAIL.

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Apr 12, 2014

Watch :: Indiana Student WHEEL OF FORTUNE FAIL.

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I refuse to believe this is real. Like, it may be real and happened on television, but this has to be something that Wheel of Fortune cooked up and convinced this dude to do so the show can get a viral clip going, right?!!? *

Impossible that my guy Julian could have actually messed up three times, really really badly. This is student week, he’s got a nice pretty red sweater on, so he is a student I am assuming. If he is in college, he at least has to be able to read, right?

If you notice on the video, he always has the most bread when he takes a guess, but he just can’t get over that reading thing. Can he go back to school after this? Seriously, if you are the school, do you audit all of the papers and work that this cat has turned in to this point?

I wonder if he has had a twitter account and how long it took him to shut it down after this video got going on the internets. Can you imagine the slander that he was getting when the twitter people got a hold of him? Dammit man.

* Not accusing WOF of any Quiz Show / Charles Van Doren type of shenanigans, but I seriously don’t believe that this could actually happen. I have faith in you Julian.

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