Watch :: Toronto Raptor Amir Johnson Compares Fans to Soccer Supporters

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Apr 30, 2014

Watch :: Toronto Raptor Amir Johnson Compares Fans to Soccer Supporters

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Two things I love in life, sports wise, are basketball and soccer. I love both games. I love the pageantry surrounding both games. I love the similarities between the two games. One thing that I have come to love is showcasing some of those similarities or some of the intersection between soccer and basketball that most people may not see. I also started the random soccer in random places series because coming where I’m from it always surprises me when I see the game mentioned or featured in places that you would never expect it to be showcased or talked about, and this is one of those places.

You may or may not know, but the Toronto Raptors are starting to make a little bit of noise in the NBA again. They have a really good team, they have some good young talent (and other talent in the stands) and they now have fans that are probably the best fans in the NBA. It was interesting to me, because watching tonights playoff game, there was a little interstitial after one of the commercial breaks where their star young center compared their fans to soccer supporters.

Here is video of Maple Leaf Square during a Raptors playoffs game … what do you think? Could that be a public square somewhere in Europe during a European Cup fixture?

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Fans at Maple Leaf Square get excited when Amir Johnson drives and drains while getting the foul call.

* Here is the interesting thing. Drake, was hired last year as the Toronto Raptors global ambassador and we know how much of a soccer fan he is. We’re sure that you also know that the Toronto Raptors are part of MLSE, or Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd., which is presided over by the one and only Tim Leiweke. Lots of soccer influences in the building so the comparison from Amir is pretty fitting.

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