#CrossBarChallenge w/ Real Salt Lake Midfielder Cole Grossman

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May 26, 2014

#CrossBarChallenge w/ Real Salt Lake Midfielder Cole Grossman

Cole Grossman

After a couple weeks off to lick my wounds after the beating I took at the hands of Tony Beltran, I got back up on the horse and took on Real Salt Lake midfielder Cole Grossman.

From the true reason why he chose Duke to what it was like leaving the Columbus Crew and joining Real Salt Lake, take a listen while we play #CrossBarChallenge.

Check out Real Salt Lake’s Javier Morales / Ned Grabavoy / Nat Borchers / Chris Schuler  / Luke Muulholland / Tony Beltran / ESPN’s Alexi Lalas / Rancid Drummer Branden Steinckert and RSL Head Coach Jeff Cassar taking the #CrossBarChallenge

And the Director’s Cut of the Entire Interview / #CrossBarChallenge

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