Fans Celebrate Goal by Shooting AK-47’s … wait, whaaaa?!

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May 16, 2014

Fans Celebrate Goal by Shooting AK-47’s … wait, whaaaa?!

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The title on this video on youtube is “Brazilian Soccer Fans Celebrate Goal By Firing Ak 47s Into The Air!” with no description of when or where this game is. There are a ton of dudes in full Brazil kits, and it seems like its a neighborhood match given the fencing and the people standing on chair watching.

I’d like to know where this is, so I’m never within I dunno, maybe 100 square miles of it! Goodness gracious! If its a pickup game, you gotta think there are going to be a few goals scored. I can’t be hanging out at a local park and some dude is dumping AK rounds every 20 minutes. Incredible video.

The craziest part of this video, and there are a few, is the sheer fact that there isn’t just one dude out there with a hammer. There are like, 10 dudes with AK’s on their hip!

And the people watching just cover their ears and keep it moving. I mean, there are people who don’t even duck. If I hear a car backfire within 50 feet of me, I think I need to check and make sure that I didn’t get shot!

(H/t to COMPLEX)

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