Watch :: Lionel Messi visits Audemars Piguet in Le Brassus

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May 16, 2014

Watch :: Lionel Messi visits Audemars Piguet in Le Brassus

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“I was impressed by the difficulty involved in assembling a watch part by part. There are so many components and they are so tiny! It takes such a lot of work, time and concentration to complete a watch.” – Lio Messi

* I love timepieces. I don’t have the funds to reeeeally do what I would do with watches, but there is just something about a proper timepiece, with many complications, that is so impressive. Watches are watches, to the naked eye. But to me, the fact that on some of these high level jawns, there are literally 20 complications and over 300 moving parts in a small environment, is a natural wonder to me. Big time watch makers including Audemars and Hublot have thrown down some serious jack to land huge ambassadors in the world of sport, and specifically soccer. Lionel Messi, Jose Mourinho among others have all lent their name to major watch makers and its interesting to me.

The watch that Lionel has put his name to, the Royal Oak Chronograph, is an absolute monster timepiece. It is tits. When you look at a watch like this, and you wonder who the hell in the world would pay that kind of money, and WHY, for a watch, you may have a point. But if you get into watches, and look at what it is all about, you will begin to understand. The craftsmanship and time it takes to build just one, let alone 10 of them, is unbelievable. You would be surprised, but for some of these, it is literally easier in execution to build a car.

This video is great. On one level I am just a fanboy for watches, but on the other side, we are starting to see a lot more of Lio in a pitch man sense. He is starting to do interviews and be out there a lot more. I like it.

leo-messi-royal oak

* Random side note * Anyone have about $30k that I can borrow? Its for the watch. It will be like both of ours, but we can just keep it at my house.

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