9.15 Fair Play Foam Spray

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Jun 17, 2014

9.15 Fair Play Foam Spray



We have all seen referees each in their holsters and pull out a spray can for free kicks during this World Cup. Many of us have seen it way before this World Cup, but this is the first time that the foam spray is being used in a WC. And even though we may all be familiar seeing it, what exactly is the story behind it?

Well the folks over at design site Core77 looked into it and this is some of what they found:

This “vanishing spray” is called 9.15 Fair Play, patented by an Argentinean journalist named Pablo C. Silva. Silva was playing footie in a local league and had a crucial free kick of his blocked by a defensive wall–one that had rushed him to close the distance to a mere three meters. “The referee didn’t book anyone and didn’t do anything,” Silva fumed to The Independent. “We lost the game, and driving home later with a mixture of anger and bitterness, I thought that we must invent something to stop this.”

As for the name – 9.15 references 9.15 meters (or 10 yards as we know it). The distance that the wall is supposed to be back from the ball.

See the full story over at Core77.

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