How England v Uruguay Played Out On Twitter

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Jun 19, 2014

How England v Uruguay Played Out On Twitter


I’m thoroughly enjoying seeing just how this World Cup is playing out on social media, and Twitter is helping with some fantastic stats from the matches. Take today’s England v Uruguay match. Here are some pretty interesting factoids:

– There were 6.7 million tweets sent about the game
– Luis Suarez was mentioned more than 1.5 million times

The top moments during the game on Twitter:


I love the heat maps they have been putting together. Just check the explosion of tweets that takes place when goals are scored. So rad.

Even Rihanna got in on the action, getting after England a little bit:


But the Twitter winner of the day goes to Mario Balotelli. Super Mario is clearly aware that for England to have any chance of still advancing, Italy needs to beat Costa Rica tomorrow. So this cat sends out this tweet:


You win my dude, you win.

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