The BP_TOW World Cup 2014 “Brazil Bracket Challenge”

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Jun 6, 2014

The BP_TOW World Cup 2014 “Brazil Bracket Challenge”

brazil bracket challenge

We are sure you are in a ton of brackets, mostly for bragging rights, but we wanted to make it a little more exciting for you… The BP_TOW bracket.

Here is how it will go down: Enter our bracket, be at the top of the table when its all said and done, and you can win a special prize pack that we are putting together for the winner of the Brazil Bracket Challenge presented by CapriSun (an MLS partner).

One winner.

We haven’t figured out exactly what will all be in the prize pack, but we’ve been known around these parts to kick in some pretty sweet stuff. There might be some boots around the penthouse… definitely some BP gear…. maybe a game… maybe a console… a bag… who knows.

No promises, but you are definitely going to want to get it.

Especially since its free and all you have to do is click and win.

** Here is the link to the group. Bumpy Pitch & The Original Winger **

Tell your friends, tell your crew, tell everyone. You are going to want as many people involved so you can show them you’re top dog and know your ish. Plus, whats one more bracket?

Good luck!!!

* By the way *

The three of us will have picks as well… obviously we can win this bracket, but don’t let one of us “win it” … you may never hear the end of it!

Our picks will be under – BUMPY PITCH : ISPS_TOW : THE ORIGINAL WINGER. I’ll link them up tomorrow.

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