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Jul 15, 2014

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The World Cup being over is still somewhat difficult for me to wrap my head around. Yes, I can now fully get back to work. Productivity should be returning to pre World Cup levels. The tournament is over. It’s a wrap. And I miss it incredibly. But all good things must come to an end. And, it was a ridiculously good tournament. And it was the first World Cup that truly played out on social media. Yes, social media was around in 2010, but not like it is today. And the World Cup played out on Twitter in an absolutely stunning capacity. According to Twitter, here are some stats. Wrap your mind around these:

There were 672 million Tweets sent related to the World Cup since the games began on June 12.

The most Tweeted about matches:

  1. Brazil (@CBF_Futebol) vs. Germany (@DFB_Team) on July 8: 35.6 million Tweets

  2. Germany (@DFB_Team)  vs. Argentina (@Argentina) #WorldCupFinal on July 13: 32.1 million Tweets

  3. Brazil (@CBF_Futebol) vs. Chile (@ANFPChile) on June 28: 16.4 million Tweets

  4. Netherlands (@KNVB) vs. Argentina (@Argentina) on July 9: 14.2 million Tweets

  5. Brazil (@CBF_Futebol) vs. Colubmia on July 4: 12.4 million Tweets

The most Tweeted about moments – measured in Tweets per minute (TPM):

  1. Germany (@DFB_Team) defeats Argentina (@Argentina) to win the #WorldCupFinal on July 13: 618,725 TPM

  2. Germany’s Sami Khedira  scores assisted by Mesut Özil in July 8 semi-final vs. Brazil: 580,166 TPM

  3. Germany’s Mario Götze (@MarioGoetze) scores game-winning goal in #WorldCupFinal on July 13: 556,499 TPM

  4. Germany’s Toni Kroos (@ToniKroos) scores his second goal of July 8 semi-final match vs. Brazil: 508,601 TPM

  5. @ToniKroos scores his third goal of July 8 semi-final match vs. Brazil: 497,425 TPM

The most Tweeted about players:

  1. Neymar

  2. Messi

  3. Suarez

  4. Ronaldo

  5. Robben

  6. Oscar

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