Gumby Haircut :: Bobby Brown v. Samuel Eto’o …. Who ya got?

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Aug 30, 2014

Gumby Haircut :: Bobby Brown v. Samuel Eto’o …. Who ya got?

Samuel Etoo gumby haircut

I love everything about this post. Samuel Eto’o has never been one to shy away from expressing himself with an interesting haircut, and this isn’t the first time that he’s rocked the Gumby. Although Sam has had some questionably choiced hairstyles, one has to admit that there is always a nod to history with what he is doing. This one, is no different.

If you google Gumby haircut, the face you will see most associated with it, is one of my favorite entertainers of all times, thee Bobby Brown.

If you are some of our younger readers, you may not be hip to him, other than some of the drug induced tabloid fodder of the last decade or so. If you wanted to draw a comparison, I would say that he was the Justin Timberlake dude of a decade earlier. Timberlake is just more talented, Bob was a show. He was in a boy band, but undeniably the star, and went on to solo success that made you sometimes question if the group would have been even more successful if they let him lead.

Anyways, this isnt a post about questionable management, its about Sam’s gumby and Bobby Brown’s gumby.

Ladies and gentlemen….. Bob.

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samuel etoo bobby brown gumby

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