“Loafer Off” :: Alexi Lalas v. Sydney Leroux ….. who ya got?

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Aug 7, 2014

“Loafer Off” :: Alexi Lalas v. Sydney Leroux ….. who ya got?

One could argue that the two biggest winners of the World Cup besides Germany and the “American Soccer” culture taking over, would be Sydney Leroux and Alexi Lalas.

Sydney Leroux and the USWNT crew dressing up in tutu’s supporting the boys, and Alexi Lalas putting the whole world on notice with his red loafers, are definitely some of the non-soccer things that I will never forget from this summer.

So, I happened to be surfing the internets and social networks right now and saw these sweet loafers that Syd was wearing out tonight and immediately I though about Big Red’s loafer game.

alexi red loafers image from BobLeyESPN twitter

I’m always going to be partial to Sydney Leroux because I would say that she is not too far off of perfection embodied in a female, but you can never go wrong with a tall drink of water like our guy Alexi. The red loafers he had changed the game!

The better question though, is …. if you were voting, Who ya got?

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